TnT 2 Player Updates

To be sure you have the latest version of TnT 2 you can run one of the update installers below. In addition, the TnT 2 player will automatically detect when an new update is available; the update button will appear in the bottom left of the player window. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.

Version History
1.01 - Improved metering - Fixed window display functionality (PC Only)
1.02 - Fixed tempo not resetting when choosing a new song.
1.03 - Fixed playback issue when speed was set below 100%
1.05 - Fixed display issues and updated audio settings menu.
1.06 - Added MP3 playback functionality.
1.07 - Fixed clicking sound while making loop selection, changed metering display, added single click selection in the waveform, and added display resizing for new products.
1.08 - Updated metering highlight, codesigned mac application for OS X gatekeeper, fixed bug with distorted audio when playing first track.