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Praise Triumphant
Praise Triumphant
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What's New Here? What's New Here?
Welcome to Alfred's Online Music Library! We hope that you will find this website a tremendous resource as you look for new music and favorite classics for your ensemble, as well as suggested playlists of various concert programs. We invite you to browse our vast catalog of repertoire and listen to full recordings of thousands of works. To purchase the corresponding printed music, or any of our other music book or sheet music titles, please visit www.alfred.com.

Check out the new recordings for the 2008-2009 season:
   Alfred Concert Band
   Alfred String Orchestra
   Belwin Concert Band
   Belwin String Orchestra
   Alfred/Belwin Full Orchestra
   Jazz Band
   Marching Band
   Choral Designs/Alfred Pop Series
   Alfred Church Choral Series/SingPraise
   Alfred Concert Band
   Alfred String Orchestra
   Belwin Concert Band
   Belwin String Orchestra
   Alfred/Belwin Full Orchestra
   Jazz Band
   Marching Band
   Choral Designs/Alfred Pop Series
   Alfred Church Choral Series/SingPraise
Performed at Midwest 2013 – Concert Band
Harry Potter
Divine Comedy (V1, Robert W Smith)
Texas UIL Choir
Performed at Midwest 2013 – Orchestra
Carmen Fantasia (Donald Hunsberger)
Texas UIL Orchestra
Inchon (V2, Robert W Smith)
Eastman Wind Ensemble at 50
New Products For noviembre
Jubilate Deo
Jubilate Deo
5 Let's Go Build an Ark
5 Let's Go Build an Ark
Thou Child Divine
Thou Child Divine
Calypso Cradle Carol
Calypso Cradle Carol
On This Silent, Holy Night
On This Silent, Holy Night
6_His Eye is On the Sparrow
6_His Eye is On the Sparrow
Procession on Engelberg
Procession on Engelberg
A Joyous Canticle
A Joyous Canticle
All Glory Laud and Honor
All Glory Laud and Honor
Compras más
1. As a Wind from the North
2. Mystic Journey
3. Big Brass on Patrol
4. March of the Majestics
5. Dorian Dreamscape
6. A Christmas Couplet
7. A Scottish Ballade
8. The Message on the Rock
9. Symphonic Suite from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [TM]
10. March Mixolydian
11. An American Hymntune
12. A Carol of Two Mangers
13. The Monster Under the Bed
14. Cellular Symphony
15. Tales of Dundee
16. Awakened Like the Morn
17. In the Center Ring
18. Pride of the Grenadiers
19. Three Miniatures for Winds and Percussion
20. Moravian Folk Rhapsody
21. Falcon Lake Overture
22. To Conquer the Skies
23. Rock Island Trail
24. Christmastimes Three
25. A Joyful Journey
26. Quixotic Episode
27. Chiaroscuro
28. Ghost Fleet
29. Phrygian Phantasy
30. Shenandoah
31. Timberline Overture
32. The Final Voyage
33. Welsh Ayres & Dances
34. A Longford Legend
35. A Simple Celebration
36. Ritmico!
37. Gently Touch the Sky
38. Garden of the Black Rose
39. Chanteys
40. Lydian Lullaby
41. Bellefonte Overture
42. Lost in Mammoth Cave
43. The Phantom of Dark Hollow
44. An Irish Air
45. Bounty Hunter
46. The Bermuda Triangle
47. A Prairie Portrait
48. A Most Wonderful Christmas
49. Metroplex
50. Northwest Rising
51. Themes from Halo Suite
52. Sugar Creek Overture
53. Integrity
54. There Will Come Soft Rains
55. An Australian Sea Ballad
56. Three Carols for a Celebration
57. The Mystery of Duffy's Cut
58. The Spirit of Killian Hill
59. Pop Culture
60. Requiem to a Land Forgotten
61. Charleston Harbor Celebration
62. Praeludium and Dance
63. Conundrum
64. Fantasy on an Early American Marching Tune
65. Appalachian Morning
66. Synergies
67. Flight of the Piasa
68. Three Georgian Vignettes
69. Art in the Park
70. Celebration and Song
71. Choreography
72. Iberian Escapades
73. Shenanigans
74. The Swords of Stavanger
75. Velocity
76. The Pioneers
77. Continental Divide
78. Construction Zone
79. Snow Globe
80. The Lords of Greenwich
81. One Thousand Cranes
82. Danzas Cubanas
83. Sound Innovations Fanfare
84. Sound Innovations Fanfare For Orchestra
85. Danzas Cubanas
86. African Adventure
87. As Twilight Falls
88. Big Sky Round-Up
89. Crazy for Cartoons
90. Metrix
91. Rhapsodic Celebration
92. River Trail Expedition
93. Sag Harbor Sunset
94. Spontaneous Combustion
95. African Adventure
96. Resurgences
97. As Twilight Falls
98. Of Distant Peaks
99. Reflections on a New Tomorrow
100. Royal March
101. Savannah River Rhapsody
102. Shadows of the Equinox
103. The Stormchasers
104. The Common Denominator
105. Daydreams
106. Holiday Bobsled Run
107. Beyond the Riverbend
108. Commemoration Overture
109. Resurgences
110. Triumph of the Argonauts
111. Daydreams
112. Storm Warning!
113. Melody Park
114. Edifice
115. Presto!
116. Triumph of the Argonauts
117. Overture to a New Horizon
118. The Red Covered Bridge
119. Appalachian Morning
120. Bright Lights!
121. Children of Gaia
122. Harbinger
123. Hues of Blue
124. Intrepid Journey
125. Lake County Landscapes
126. Mills on the Merrimack
127. Overdrive
128. Serenade
129. Stately Dances
130. Moon Rocks
131. Piedmont Festival Overture
132. Pursuit of the Centaur
133. Sonatina
134. Tango Argentina
135. Windward Overture
136. With Every Sunrise
137. Presto!
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Los Mas Vendidos
1. You Raise Me Up with Be Still My Soul - SATB
2. The Prayer - SATB
3. Into the Storm
4. Choreography
5. Pavane for a Silent Night - SATB w/ opt. oboe or C-instrument
6. Metroplex
7. A Longford Legend
8. Black Orpheus
9. Ghost Fleet
10. Dragonhunter
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