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Escape Route
Escape Route
Echoes of the 1860s
Author: Arr. Hunsberger, Donald

The years surrounding the American Civil War became a gathering place, a focusing point in the development of the American wind band with several major peronages providing leadership during this vital era: Harvey and Allen Dodworth, Thomas Eaton, Patrick S. Gilmore, David L. Downing, Thomas Coates, and especially Claudio S. Grafulla. The current compilation is drawn from the band books of the Third Regiment, New Hampshire Band, also known as the Port Royal band, along with those of the 26th Regimental Band, North Carolina Troops, CSA, were the source of music for Frederick Fennell's historic recording in the early 1960s of music of the Civil War. Hunsberger's contemporary arrangements for today's band include Grafulla's setting of "The Star Spangled Banner," "General Lee's Grand March," "Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming," "Port Royal Galop," "Lorena," "Storm Galop," and two fife and drum calls: "Recruiting Sergeant" and "Retreat."

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1. 4 Minutes
2. Academy Nights Remembered
3. Shepherd's Hey
4. At Last
5. Party in the U.S.A.
6. Vocalise
7. Led Zeppelin on Tour
8. A Man and His Soul
9. Born to be Somebody
10. Dobby
11. Sleep in Heavenly Peace
12. Born to be Somebody
13. Sorry
14. Born This Way
15. Edge of Glory
16. Band-O-Ween
17. From the Realms of Glory!
18. Mash-Up, Vol. 1
19. The Rolling Stones on Tour
20. Mash-Up -- Vol. 2
21. The Rolling Stones on Tour
22. I've Gotta Be Me / Don't Rain on My Parade Mash-Up
23. Shepherd's Hey
24. Pinball Wizard
25. Pinball Wizard
26. Some Nights
27. Just Give Me a Reason
28. The Eagles on Tour
29. Mash-Up - Tribute Edition (Remembering Finn)
30. Carry On
31. The Eagles on Tour
32. Holiday Mash-Up
33. Led Zeppelin Reunion
34. Finale from The New World
35. Carrickfergus
36. Beyond the Forest from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
37. Holiday Mash-Up
38. A Tribute to Dave Brubeck
39. '80s Soundtrax
40. Cool Kids
41. Rocky on Broadway
42. The Doors on Tour
43. Rocky Broadway
44. The Doors on Tour
45. NFL Countdown Theme
46. Carrickfergus
47. From the Realms of Glory!
48. '80s Soundtrax
49. And Heaven and Nature Ring!
50. Nöel, Nöel
51. O Little Town of Bethlehem
52. Of Sea and Song
53. Cheerleader
54. Heartbeat Song
55. Christmas Vacation
56. Christmas Vacation
57. A Celtic Christmas
58. Lyra
59. Three Folk Tunes
60. Selections from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
61. The Heart of It All
62. A Quiet Music
63. Joyeux Noel!
64. Fantasia on British Sea Songs
65. I Got Pleanty O' Nuttin'
66. Appalachian Suite
67. The Heart of It All
68. The Sussex Mummers' Christmas Carol
69. Selections from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
70. By Waters Clear and Flowing - SAB
71. By Waters Clear and Flowing - SATB
72. By Waters Clear and Flowing - SSA
73. On With the Snow! - 2-part
74. On With the Snow! - SAB
75. On With the Snow! - SATB
76. A Festival of Carols
77. A Festival of Carols
78. Autumn (from The Four Seasons)
79. (What A) Wonderful World
80. Themes from The Planets
81. Selections from The Dark Knight
82. Rhosymedre (from Three Preludes)
83. (What a) Wonderful World
84. Appalachian Tapestry
85. Festivo
86. Jazzy Ol' Saint Nick
87. Oxford Street (March)
88. Selections from The Dark Knight
89. Sixties Gold
90. Solemn Melody
91. Swingin' Jingle Bells
92. Symphonic Variants
93. The Planets
94. The Wearing of the Green
95. Two and a Half Men (Main Theme)
96. America: The Spirit Lives On! - SATB
97. America: The Spirit Lives On! - 3-part mixed (SATB recording)
98. America: The Spirit Lives On! - 2-part
99. Two French Folk Tunes
100. Symphonic Variants on Ode to Joy
101. A Holst Christmas
102. Solemn Procession
103. America, the Spirit Lives On! (for Band and Optional Choir)
104. March from Third Suite
105. Two Romanian Carols
106. Jingle Bell March
107. A Percy Grainger Portrait
108. American Salute
109. A Holst Christmas
110. Christmas from the '50s
111. The Last Rose of Summer
112. I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' - SATB
113. I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' - SAB (SATB recording)
114. I Got Plenty o' Nuttin' - TBB (SATB recording)
115. A Vaughan Williams Christmas - SATB
116. A Vaughan Williams Christmas - 3-part mixed (SATB recording)
117. Autumn
118. Bonse Aba
119. Chorale and March
120. Clarinet Bell Carol
121. Fantasia on Greensleeves
122. Festival Procession
123. Leroy Anderson's Irish Suite
124. Morris Dance Tunes
125. Suite from World of Warcraft
126. Variants on a Celtic Folk Tune
127. River Songs
128. A Whole Lot of Symphony Themes
129. That Gershwin Rhythm
130. The Nutcracker ... In About Three Minutes
131. The Sleigh Ride
132. A Classic Christmas - SATB
133. A Classic Christmas - SAB (SATB recording)
134. Porgy and Bess: Choral Highlights - SATB
135. Porgy and Bess: Choral Highlights - SAB (SATB recording)
136. Selections from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
137. Themes from Leroy Anderson's Irish Suite, Part 1
138. A Classic Christmas
139. Arioso
140. Procession of the Heroes
141. Rigaudon
142. The Chimes of Liberty
143. A Classic Christmas
144. De Colores
145. Ellan Vannin Suite
146. Fantasia on the Alleluia Hymn
147. Folksongs from the Eastern Counties
148. Grand Canyon Suite
149. Highlights from Porgy and Bess
150. Jingle Bell Gallop
151. Lassus Sax
152. Selections from Armenian Dances, Part 1
153. Themes from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
154. I'm Seventeen Come Sunday
155. Pure Imagination
156. Welcome Christmas
157. Themes from Leroy Anderson's Irish Suite - Part 2
158. Linden Lea
159. Willow, Willow
160. Hampshire March
161. Screamers!
162. Carols from the British Isles
163. Suite from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
164. A Holst Christmas - SATB
165. A Holst Christmas - SAB (SATB recording)
166. Country Dance in C
167. Suite from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
168. Slane
169. My Generation
170. My Generation
171. One Little Spark
172. Grim Grinning Ghosts
173. Downton Abbey - The Suite
174. Downton Abbey - The Suite
175. Over the Sea to Skye
176. De Colores
177. Allegro Molto
178. Fanfare Rondeau
179. Santa's in the House!
180. Over the Sea to Skye
181. Three Movements from Water Music
182. March On, America!
183. A Merrie Olde Christmas
184. Colonial Song
185. Ally Bally Bee - SSA
186. Carols from the British Isles - SAB (SATB recording)
187. Carols from the British Isles - SATB
188. Carols from the British Isles - SSA (SATB recording)
189. Joy Be With You All - SATB, a cappella (SATB recording)
190. There's a Song in My Heart - 2-part
191. Allegro for Hydroponic Systems
192. Baba Yetu
193. Beetlejuice
194. Doctor Who
195. La Bamba de Veracruz
196. The Best of Leroy Anderson
197. Baba Yetu
198. Theme and Variations on La Folía
199. Sinfonia in G
200. Vocalise
201. From Sea to Shining Sea
202. Jasmine Flower - SATB
203. Jasmine Flower - SSA (SATB Recording)
204. Joyeux No'l! - 2-Part (SATB Recording)
205. Joyeux No'l! - SAB (SATB Recording)
206. Joyeux No'l! - SATB
207. Over the Sea to Skye - SAB (SATB Recording)
208. Over the Sea to Skye - SATB
209. Over the Sea to Skye - SSA (SATB Recording)
210. And All the Bells on Earth Shall Ring
211. Pass in Review
212. Pan
213. Promenade
214. The Transylvanian Lullaby
215. Pan
216. Mary, Did You Know?
217. The Transylvanian Lullaby
218. A Whole Lot of Christmas
219. The U.S. Field Artillery
220. Cantique
221. Overtures!
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