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The Edge of Adventure
The Edge of Adventure
Ride of the Knights
Author: López, Victor

This exciting original work for developing band was conceptualized as a contest / festival selection. It is high energy and vigorous, and will make your ensemble sound like professionals. Written in triple meter, this work provides an opportunity to learn and teach key modality, articulations, phrasing, dynamics---and the complex structure of combining the melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic materials. This piece intensely portrays the mysterious history of ancient knights as a force with which to be reckoned. (1:45)

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Dieses Produkt haben wir am Dienstag, 21. April 2015 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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1. Cha Cha This! Rhumba That!
2. And Wherever You Go
3. Brother James' Air
4. With Unmeasured Joy
5. Star of the County Down
6. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
7. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor
8. Voices in the Night
9. A Festival of Carols
10. Statements
11. Room in My Heart for You
12. No Greater Love
13. Risen in Glory
14. The Best of Rooms
15. Come, Lord, and Be with Us
16. And the Stars Sang Alleluia
17. In His Mother's Eyes
18. Christ Is Risen, Alleluia!
19. In the Silence of This Moment
20. When Shepherds Came to Bethlehem
21. When Shepherds Came to Bethlehem
22. And All the World Was Silent
23. Alleluia! Alleluia!
24. A Celtic Blessing
25. Softly, So Gently, He Comes
26. Glad Tidings of Great Joy
27. In Bethlehem Town
28. On the Day That My Lord Came to Die
29. Your Still, Small Voice
30. I Sing a Song for America
31. Lord, Make Us Truly Thankful
32. Candle of Hope
33. Carol of the Kings
34. Hosanna!
35. Crucified, Forsaken
36. Come, Let Us Sing
37. Light the Advent Candle
38. Run to Bethlehem
39. Softly, As a Dove
40. Sing Gloria, Hodie!
41. Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley
42. Christ Is Risen, O Be Joyful
43. From an Irish Cabin
44. Thames Valley March
45. The Arrow and the Song
46. What Will Be, Begins with Me
47. Lift Your Voice
48. When I Hear Those Jingle Bells
49. Bright Is the Ring of Words
50. Sing a Song
51. Gloria Festiva
52. Hanukkah, Hanukkah, Festival of Lights
53. A Jolly, Jazzy Christmas
54. For We Wish You Music
55. Every Path We Take
56. We Sing, America!
57. Jasmine Flower
58. Highlands Suite
59. Selections from Tim Burton's Corpse Bride [TM]
60. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee [TM]
61. Japanese [TM]
62. On the Wings of an Eagle
63. March of the Penguins
64. Siyahamba
65. Hung Up
66. On with the Snow!
67. Folk Songs from the British Isles
68. Japanese
69. Thanks We Sing - SATB
70. Lord, Send Us Music - SATB
71. Repeat The Sounding Joy - SATB
72. Glory To The Newborn King! - SATB
73. Sing To The Lord - SATB
74. Spirit Wind Among Us - SATB
75. Deep Peace - SATB
76. Folk Fest
77. Carols of Joy
78. Platoon Swims
79. Scottish Ayre
80. Rockin' With Frosty
81. The Golden Vanity
82. You're The One That I Want
83. The Best of Green Day
84. Irish Suite
85. Looney Tunes
86. Siyahamba
87. The Best of Green Day
88. Christmas Day
89. You're the One That I Want
90. Flourish for Winds and Percussion
91. Give Me Wings - 3-part
92. A Very Merry Madrigal - 3-part
93. A Very Merry Madrigal - 2-part
94. A Very Merry Madrigal - SSA
95. Give Me Wings - 2-part
96. Can't Wait for Christmas - 2-part
97. Can't Wait for Christmas - SAB (SATB recording)
98. Can't Wait for Christmas - SATB
99. Tower Hill Overture
100. North Country Celebration
101. Where the Green Willow Grows - SATB
102. Where the Green Willow Grows - SAB (SATB recording)
103. Where the Green Willow Grows - SSA (SATB recording)
104. Sail On! - SATB
105. Sail On! - SAB (SATB recording)
106. Sail On! - TBB (SATB recording)
107. There Was a Child Went Forth - SATB
108. There Was a Child Went Forth - SAB (SATB recording)
109. There Was a Child Went Forth - SSA (SATB recording)
110. Cantus
111. Westwood Trail
112. High Sierras
113. Then Come the Heroes
114. March for a Norwegian Penguin
115. Two Variants on Dives and Lazarus
116. River Run Free - 2-Part (SATB recording)
117. River Run Free - 3-Part Mixed (SATB recording)
118. River Run Free - SATB
119. Three Kings in Splendor - SATB
120. Ancient Echoes of Time
121. And Wherever You Go - SAB
122. And Wherever You Go - SSA (SAB Recording)
123. Ancient Echoes of Time
124. Carried on the Wings of Hope
125. Engines of Change
126. Hymn for Those Who Serve
127. On a Tune of William Billings
128. Glory!
129. Vivo!
130. Windforce
131. From an Irish Cabin - SSA
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